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Season 2015  
Southern Fried Funeral 2015 04/02/15 To 04/17/15
Dewey Frye has passed and his wife Dorothy is trying to pick up the pieces and hold her family together. But Ozella Meeks form the church's SonShine Committee is trying to take over the funeral. Dorothy's daughters are fussin' and feduin' and her brother-in-law thinks he owns her house! Rated PG
Ring of Fire 2015 04/03/15 To 06/09/15
Back by popular demand, again featuring Kellye Cash, Tennessee's Miss America and Johnny's niece! From the songbook of Johnny Cash comes this musical of love and faith, struggle and success, rowdiness and redemption, and home and family. Adventure Theater and Rated PG
Walking with Heroes SSSB 2015 04/18/15
Southern Stars Symphonic Band presents European Connections featuring music classics from Norway, UK, France, Russia, Spain and Italy. Will be presented at the Stone Memorial High School Auditorium.
Kelle Jolly Concert 2015 04/19/15
Jazz musician J.J. Johnson once said: "Jazz is restless. It won't stay put and it never will." The Playhouse is proud to celebrate the rich tapestry of Jazz in its many forms and styles with the recipients of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission ok Knoxville 2015 Art Award. Electrifying musical experience that perfect for the intimate Surroundings of the Adventure Theater. Sponsored by the Art and Frame Shop
Singin in the Rain 2015 04/24/15 To 07/12/15
An all-singing, all-dancing, show biz extravaganza! Based on one of the most celebrated and beloved movies in cinematic history, Singin' In The Rain has been described as "one of the best musicals of all time." Yes it will actually rain on stage. Mainstage and rated PG
50/50 Dance 2015 05/01/15 To 05/02/15
The talented students and teachers from our Triple Threat Performance Education Program joyously celebrate our first 50 years in song and dance...and look ahead to the next 50 years! Mainstage Rated G
Smoke on the Mountain 2015 05/22/15 To 10/10/15
In its 22nd season at the Playhouse.. Between singing and playing two dozen rousing bluegrass songs, the family shares their witness. And as one thing after another goes awry, they reveal their true- and hilariously imperfect-natures. Whether folks are seeing it for the first or the twenty-second time, Smoke is a true audience favorite! Adventure Theater and Rated G
Blair String Quartet 2015 05/23/15
Widely acclaimed in performances across the country, the Quartet has been praised for combining "technical expertise and emotional fire". Plays on the Mainstage
Barbara Bailey Hutchison 2015 06/06/15
This Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter has a voice that is familiar to millions of television and radio listeners. Her critically acclaimed songs speak to everyone. Playing in the Adventure Theater
Mary Poppins 2015 06/12/15 To 08/16/15
Everyone's favorite practically perfect nanny takes the stage in this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical adventure. We all can learn a lesson from the nanny who advises, "Anything can happen if you let it." Mainstage Theater and Rated G
A Chorus Line 2015 07/24/15 To 08/28/15
A musical for everyone who's ever had a dream and put it all on the line. An emotional experience with candid stories and stunning dance from a cast of Broadway hopefuls in search of their dreams. Mainstage Rated PG-13
Fox on the Fairway 2015 08/06/15 To 10/16/15
A charmingly madcap adventure about love, life, and man's eternal love affair Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors, and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it's a furiously paced comedy that recalls the Marx Brothers' classics.. If you loved Suite Surrender, this hysterical comedy will have you rolling in the aisle! Rated PG-13
The Amazing Kreskin 2015 08/21/15
PLEASE NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 10! There are rumors, as well as apparent witnesses experiencing the ghostly presence of spirits in Cumberland County. Amazing Kreskin will reawaken that awareness and have audience members on stage seeking the ghosts that haunt the area. For over 50 years Kreskin has been telling people things about themselves that only they or a close friend could possibly know. Playing on the Mainstage and is sponsored by Anderson Shuttle Service LLC
The Foreigner 2015 09/04/15 To 11/05/15
All Charlie wants is a little peace and quiet. So when he arrives at a fishing lodge in Georgia, it seems harmless enough to masquerade as a foreigner who can't speak English. A wickedly clever and outrageously funny. Our most requested title returns for our 50th Anniversary Season! Mainstage Theater and Rated G
Once on This Island 2015 09/25/15 To 11/06/15
An award-winning, highly theatrical Caribbean adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Ti Moune, a peasant girl, rescued Daniel, a wealthy boy from the other side of the island, with whom she falls in love. But the pompous spirits who preside over the island make a bet with each other over which is stronger, love or death.. with the stakes being Ti Mounes's Life. Rated PG
Malpass Brothers 2015 10/09/15
The Malpass Brothers are as authentic as stone-ground grits, country ham and red-eye gravy and every bit as good. This engaging concert is a magnetic time-traveling journey to when calmer rhythm reigned supreme. Playing on the Mainstage
InLaws and Outlaws 2015 10/22/15 To 12/12/15
As the Douglas family prepares to be invaded by their quirky relatives for their annual Christmas Eve dinner, two rookie thieves need a place to hide out after robbing a neighborhood liquor store. The laughs are as non-stop as the never-ending stream of smart-aleck teenagers, nosy neighbors and bickering adults...and we soon wonder who's really being held hostage. Rated G
Flatt Lonesome 2015 11/08/15
Flatt Lonesome is a young, new group of pickers fresh to the scene. While deeply-rooted in bluegrass music's historic classics, they also have an energetic flair for country sounds, progressive jams, and soul-stirring gospel music while never forsaking their traditional essence. IF you love high lonesome harmony, soaring sibling vocals and powerful bluegrass music, then you will love Flatt Lonesome. Playing in the Adventure theater and sponsored by BB& T Legge Insurance.
TBA 2015 11/13/15 To 12/19/15
We will be presenting a Holiday musical extravaganza never before seen on the Playhouse stage. Subject to rights and availability, we are looking at several newer titles based on popular blockbuster holiday movies. No matter what the title, this show is sure to be a Holly Jolly good time for the entire family.
Sanders Family Christmas 2015 11/20/15 To 12/22/15
The heartwarming sequel to Connie Ray and Alan Bailey's wildly successful bluegrass gospel musical Smoke on the Mountin! It's December 24, 1941, and America is going to war. So is Dennis Sanders of the Sanders Family Singers. Adventure Theater and rated G
Irish Christmas in America 2015 12/05/15
This family friendly performance features evocatively sung Irish ballads, lively instrumental tunes and thrilling Irish dancing, while lush photographic images provide a memorable glimpse into the enchanting spirit of Christmas. Playing on the Mainstage
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